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Name: Chris Pino
Location: West Chester, PA
Contact: [email protected] (try not to PM as I check my e-mail more often)
Product: Below

For sale is my Canon 70-200 f/2.8L USM Lens.
This is a USA lens with full Canon warranty

Lens is about one year old
If you were not told it was used, you would never know
Not a scratch, ding or mark on the lens
Front and rear elements are spotless
Lens hood has the usual Canon wear marks (inevitable)
Absolutely mint condition
Very sharp copy and focuses perfect

Reasoning for selling?
Got a 200/1.8

Comes with:
77mm Canon lens cap
Rear element cover
Brand new lens bag
Original packaging

Asking $925 + shipping w/o filter or $950 + shipping w/ filter
I am also entertaining reasonable offers

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