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For Those of You without AC - (belt question)

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Hey guys,

When I did all of my motor and tranny work, I asked the shop to remove the AC and condensors, etc in order to shed a few pounds for the upcoming time attack and HPDE season. I've only done one event so far, and really beat the hell out of the car. Following the drive home, I realized that the belt had slid over to the left a few notches/ribs (when facing the engine bay the way one normally would after opening the hood). I had my buddy fix it and tighten it up again, however with just some very minimal driving (50 miles, hard driving whatsoever) it's slipped again, this time even farther over to the left. The outside of the belt looks a bit worn and stretched, so it's coming off and a new belt is going on, but I had a few concerns.

Is there a belt that anyone would recommend for running the car without AC?

Any tips to the installation/maintenance to prevent this from happening again, or worse, some sort of catastrophic engine failure on the track, ruining not only my day, but obviously everyone elses'?

Thanks a ton for the help!
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what's the auto tensioner look like? perhaps its failed and no longer keeps the belt tight. if you look at the top of it, it should have a little arrow point to a square area. i'm assuming when they removed the a/c, that they switched to a smaller belt size?
ribs on both sides aren't going to do much when the water pump pulley is completely flat and needs that flat side to mate to it. my bet is the belt length is off. stick a string around all the pulleys and measure to make sure.
measure the belt path with a string, i could tell you the length of my belt setup but mine is much different
Picked up a few different belts...all seem to shift over, so I'm thinking that it may be the tensioner. Any other ideas or suggestions?
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