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Fortune Auto suspension has my DC5 bouncing like a trampoline.

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Hey guys. I wanted to know if you could help me with a couple of questions. I have a Fortune Auto coil over set up and I just had it installed and aligned. Will dampening help out with the trampoline like bouncing what is happening on every street? It’s a 500 series setup with upgraded springs.
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Sorry that you're having issues. As others mentioned, are you aware of any other shops you could take it to? It sounds like this place isn't all that familiar with tuning coilovers. The excess "bounciness" does potentially sound like a preload problem. How handy are you? Adjusting preload and raising/lowering the car is something you can likely do yourself if you have tools, a jack, and some mechanical inclination.

I am curious though...what made you go with these coilovers? I mean, don't get me wrong, these are quality coils, but if all you wanted was a very mild drop and a comfortable ride, a set of Eibach springs could have gotten that done for about $300 versus the $2K that the Fortune Autos cost.
Thank you all for replying and hearing me out. I can figure things like this out with enough effort, and I’m learning a lot. This may end up being one of those learning experiences where getting your hands dirty is the answer. I have another recommended shop I’m reaching out to that should have been the first crew I worked with but I didn’t know. I got these coilovers for like 1,350 out the door and was told they’d be track capable, so I couldn’t resist. I havea friend that tracks his car, and I’m feeling the pull to enjoy it with him. 😺
Ah, okay...yes, that makes more sense then if you might want to try your hand at tracking your car.
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