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Most of this stuff should be common sense and just an extension of the General Rules of the site; however, keep in mind, this OT of a car forum. But please be advised that these rules are more strickly enforced in other areas of this website.

Unacceptable Content

Nudity / Porn
o Includes but is not limited to: Animated/Cartoon nudity, Animal Genitalia, Sex toy images, Images alluding to sex acts, bodily fluids (Feces, Urine, Semen, Etc.).
o Censored or Covered images are acceptable.
o No bare ass. A covering of some sort must be visible (Ex: a string bikini/thong) and genitalia or anus cannot be visible through or around said covering.
o Generally, if the images wouldn't be published by Maxim magazine [US], they can't be posted here. If the image you are posting originally came from a porn site, you should think twice about using it.
o Applies to Videos/Animations as well.
o Also applies to links to other sites with this content.​

Excessive Gore Includes but is not limited to: Dead bodies, gruesome injuries, or cruelty toward animals.

o Racist, sexist, ethnic remarks, including slang or malicious stereotyping, of any kind are unacceptable. This includes male members being extremely rude or offensive towards female members.
o If you find such comments, please report them and an admin or moderator will review the comment in question. The staff cannot review these comments if we do not see them or are not notified of them.​
Callout Threads
o Threads created to humiliate or attack members are not allowed.
o If you have a problem with a member, discuss it through private messages. If a solution cannot be agreed upon, try using the ignore button, it works wonders.
o This includes creating a Forum Hi-Jack Crew. We don't want other people shitting in our threads, so don't go shit in theirs. You have the greatness of CRSX, they don't, so rejoice in that.
o Wikispams, don't go an find a page on wikipedia (or similar source) and post all of its contents in a thread to destroy it, if you are trying to make a point, a a simple link will work fine.​
Copyrighted Work
o Please do not post images of works that violate their copyright agreement. (ie: Magazine/Book Scans and Carfaxes)
o Please refer to the Computer Tech Section's Policy on Software Piracy
o No links to or requests for Torrents/Torrent Sites
Pyramid Schemes Includes but is not limited to: Pyramid Scheme links, chain letters. This includes signatures​

Mature Content
Release of Liability​

o ClubRSX and its Owners/Operators/Staff are not responsible for the viewing of mature content by underage members. As the majority of this website is free of charge, we cannot regulate which content is or is not accessible by certain members. Materials of an "NC17" rated content are only acceptable in the ClubRSX Premium forums, which require a membership fee.
o ClubRSX and its Owners/Operators/Staff are also not responsible if you lose your job for viewing anything on this website. If you're at work, you should be doing work, not viewing this website.

Notification of Mature Content
o Threads with possible Mature Content (that abide by the rules of the regular forums) require a Work Warning [(WW)] in the title.
o One Hot Babe Thread at a time. Images must conform to the "No Nudity/Porn" rule and the thread requires a (WW) in the title.​

Other Posts/Threads
Private Messages​

o Posting a private message is not allowed. If you did not have permission to post the private message, then you can't post it. No exceptions.​
Posting Infractions
o Because infractions are sent via private message, posting of an infraction message/image/screen capture/etc. in any forum or thread is not allowed. Just because you think you are cool for messing up doesn't give you a badge of honor.​
o One of the benefits of being a Premium Member is the ability to create polls. Posting "Can we get a poll?" or PM'ing an admin or moderator asking for a poll will not get one made.​
o Reposts are limited to 30 days. These may be merged into the existing thread or locked based on the moderators mood at a given time. If you weren't the first, deal with it, crying about it changes nothing.
o A link must be provided with a repost call. If you know it's a repost, please find the link yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it.
o A repost call without a link will be deleted as will any additional "Repost" posts past the initial proof of a repost.
o The ClubRSX lounge is fast paced and very current. Usually, if it's on the Internet, it's been in the lounge. Please search before creating a new thread if you think it might be a repost.
Celebrating Posts Counts Only one thread celebrating posts counts will be allowed at a time; all others will be deleted.

Requesting Help on School Work
o Requesting help with schoolwork is acceptable so long as you are only looking for help finding resources to complete your work. Asking members to actually do your work for your is unacceptable.
Exception: If you post pictures of your girlfriend (or you, if you're female), with "ClubRSX" written on her exposed breasts (no nipples of course), we will allow the request. Posting a random picture that isn't you or your girlfriend doesn't count.​
"Whoring" AKA. Excessive Posting
o Threads should have some resemblance of a topic. Threads that are created for random posting belong in the Premium Forums, not in the Lounge.
o Posting the same picture/post multiple times in the same thread, or in multiple, different threads will not be tolerated.
o Creating a thread that has a slight variation of an existing thread; just to "have your own thread" will not be tolerated.
> Existing thread: "Look what I made for lunch.."
> Second thread: "Look what I made for dinner"​
o Current *Chat*threads allowed: Bored at Work Crew Thread, The "Official" Drinking Crew Thread and The Mafiadeath Thread
o Posts such as "Free post", "IBTL" and "In on one" are not allowed in threads.
o Quoting posts to post the same thing will not be tolerated.
Correct Forums. Be aware that there are multiple forums on this site. Please use the correct forum when creating new threads. If a forum covers the topic you're making a thread about, please do not "dump it" in the lounge.

Banned URLS Includes but is not limited to any URL that takes over a user's PC, ie rick rolling.

Threads are limited to 75 pages. Threads will be locked when they reach 75 pages and a new thread can be created if it's thread worthy.​

Infraction Penalties
FAQ Information on Infractions
This is what happens when you willingly or unknowingly decide to infringe on the these rules.​
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