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Im building a custom kit now for my 05 type s i have the tuning software, turbo, injectors, some small fuel stuff. I just bought kpro for it but I didn't know it was V2 so now this week Im sending it to hondata for the V4 upgrade.

So with the FP3794 should I run a twin scroll sidewinder or a sidewinder with a single 44mm wg or a single 48mm wg? the turbo specs are crazy so much volume. def a dope ass turbo and all packed into a gt37 housing. online it says the turbo is for 800-1k+ hp but was told a stock k would spool the turbo quick. said full boost by 3k rpms..not too sure if I believe that on a stock internal K..or they could have forgot to say what manifold it was on.

also another question, Does anyone run the 1320, CX racing, or PLM sidewinder mani's? if I go twin scroll ill have to go full race, but the 1320 mani ive been watching on ebay Ive read good things about the PLM and cx racing mani;s but I really dig the 1320 one. plus you can get either a 44mm or 48mm v band wg.
does anyone know anything about those sidewinders?

lets hear it lol
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