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if the link doesn't work for you, go to go down to the search bar, enter freightliner and zip code 28120.

starting pay is 14.37/hour or 15.12 for second or third with the shift premium. 52-53 cent raise every six months. top pay for new hires is 19.24/hour at 4 years, but that will probably make its way closer to the old top pay of 26/hour at the next contract. this is a union job, which is uncommon for the south, so you will see lots of lazy ass people who cry to their union rep if their boss tries to make them work... lol, i worked there before... they'll fire the shit out of someone that's on their probationary period though. they're supposed to be hiring 565 people.

lots of bonuses and overtime, most people on top pay make between 60,000-70,000 a year, and i'd imagine a first year person would end up making $35,000 without having to sign up for overtime. if everything is still the same then over 8 hours in a day is time and a half, and over 10 hours is double time. saturdays are time and a half, and sundays are double time. holidays are the same as sunday, plus the holiay pay if you're lucky enough to get to work one. they tend to give 20+ paid holidays a year. also, when i was there before, they would give bonuses and do raffles for people that came in after typical drinking times, such as the superbowl, as an incentive for people to come to work the next day.

always a chance for a layoff though. my dad has worked there for ages, and will probably retire this year, but according to him, there are enough orders for a couple more years already. i know uhaul just signed a 30,000 truck contract with them. most of the work isn't bad, probably half or a little more is "line work" where you have an engine, cab, chassis, etc. on a chain moving in front of you while you install a starter, water pump, and a couple lines. i was on the engine line and had an offline job... picking up engines with a crane, putting on motor mounts, installing torque converter bolts then putting them down on a dolly.
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