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So my front windshield washer is not working. Every time I try to use it, the windshield wipers fuse blows. The rear windshield washer works though. It's probably the motor but I'm confused on which one to get. I looked at and there is two motors. One that is just called "Motor, Washer (Mitsuba)" and another one called "Motor, Washer (High) (Mitsuba)". Which one do I need for the front windshield washer? Does it matter? Here is the link of the diagram.

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23 is for the front winshield
24 is for the rear

if you wanna check to make sure its the motor and not a short in the switch or the wiring, you can:

unplug the washer motor and then replace the blown fuse.

(IGN switch= ON)
Now push the washer switch a few times, then check the fuse.
If the fuse is blown, the problem could be :
bad switch
bad multiplexer (not likely)
or you have a short in the white/blue wire that goes from the washer motor to the multiplexer.



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