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I'm selling my RSX w/ some upgrades. The car does have some scratches, but not major. Here's the list of after market stuff I have put on it:

Hondata Ecu #4
Injen CAI
DC sport RACE header
Fujitsubo Powergetter cat back exhaust
Revo short shifter
Mugen SS supension
Authentic JDM headlights
JDM rear sway bar
Type R wing
Replica Mugen front and rear strut bar
17" Rota tarmac wheels w/ Toyo T1-S 225/45/17
You would also get all the stock parts if you want. I also have the stock rims and tires for winter use.

The only problem (which is fixable) is that the car has four small holes on each side by the doors due to after market side skirts. I used to have the Ings+ full body kit. I broke one of the side skirts this past winter so I had to take them off. They each had four holes to hold it together, don't ask me why, it's just the way the guy at the body shop did it. I was told it would be around $800 to fix it, maybe a little more. Or you can just buy another after market body kit and use those holes to put the new side skirts on.

Only reason why I'm selling car is because I have a two year old son and it's a pain getting him in his baby seat in the back. I need to upgrade to a four door.

Asking price is $14,000 or best offer. I'll be putting up pictures probably tonight as soon as I wash the car. Any question, you can either send a PM or email me at [email protected]


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i did not read the whole thread, but are you considering a trade? I have somthing you may be interested in.
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