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Guys, I haven't posted in a long time, cuz, you know, life. Anyway . . .

I have sold my 2006 Acura RSX, and I have these parts leftover. They are sold as-is, and worked when removed from vehicle.

Retrofit HID headlamps - I bought these used in 2011 from a fellow member, dmizzle, who was trading in his car. The HIDs have performed flawlessly. Never connected the rings. I think he said they stopped working after some time, but I never hooked them up anyway. The wiring for them is still attached. Nice and white. From some old messages I have saved, they are Retro-solutions OEM retrofitted DIGITAL 35W 4300K. OEM housings with TSX projectors. The plastic needs to be restored or replaced, but still shines pretty bright. All wiring and ballasts included. $500 obo

Retrofit HID fog lamps - these I bought from a member off CRSX who custom made them for me around 2013, cauQazn DIGITAL 35W 3000K retrofitted fogs. Ebay housing with I forgot what projector, but made for HID. The lens was swapped out with lexan. They are vertically adjustable. Color temperature is 3000K. All wiring, ballasts, and OEM switch included. $250 obo

OEM tail lamps - two sets. One set interior has flaked chrome, which came off my car. The other looks pretty clean, tho there is an issue with one, see link, which I bought from Mr.Martinez. Will need new gaskets for all. $100 obo

Power folding mirrors - purchased used locally then never installed, so these I have not tested, but the seller at the time had awesome feedback. Have wiring and switch. Factory Nighthawk Black Pearl paint. -$150 obo

InJen washer fluid reservoir/washer bottle - had to have this or the fogs won't fit. - $50 obo

Stock washer bottle - has a hole right next to the intake, still holds water or washer fluid - $25

Stock fuse box - Don't have a picture yet, but purchased from Type-Spaz to replace mine that had broken tabs, then never got around to it. The one that is in the engine bay behind the battery.

Stock turn signal stalk - I had replaced mine with the Fit with the fog switch option, didn't have time to take it out, so my stock one is up for grabs if yours is malfunctioning, broke, or just looks nasty.

If you're in San Antonio and would like to come by and take a look, you're more than welcome to. We can set up a time and place to meet. I'd like to sell these locally as I really don't want to ship anything, save the washer bottles.




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