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I bought these when they were curbed so I went ahead and fixed them and painted it an OEM silver color. I was going to put them on my car but I like the look that people think I'm an Si (I have an LX coupe), Plus I need the money for school. I painted them and think I did a really good job. First, I sanded it down and fixed the curbage. Then I primered it and painted it with an OEM color wheel paint from autozone. I put it in the oven after a couple of coats of the silver wheel cover. I then topped it off with about 3 coats of clear coat and then threw it in the over again. This is how they came out and they look really good. The wheel is by no means perfect but it's pretty good for it being spray canned. Here are some pictures of see for yourself.

Wheel One

Wheel Two

Wheel Three

Wheel Four

As you can see, the red is where the bondo went when I repaired the curb.

I kind of messed up on the area on the left. That's probably the most noticable mess up on the whole set.

I am asking for $530 + Paypal fees (if paying by Paypal) + exact shipping price... not a cent more. Located in Oklahoma.
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