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2005 Acura RSX Type-S
Jade Green Metallic factory exterior color (don't see many of these around here)
Titanium color factory leather interior
Just under 55K miles as of this writing
Original owner, non-smoker, clean title, Purchased brand new on 12/31/04.
Asking $17,500 OBO

Included Acura factory options; trunk tray, all weather front mats, wheel locks.
The actual RSX-S cloth front mats have been sitting in the hatch under the trunk mat since day # 1. They are in mint condition; never been used.

Car is still all factory stock except for stereo and deadening:
Last summer, I pulled out all of the interior except the dash, headliner, and trim pieces on the rear hatch lid. I added eDead UE, v1, and v4 sound deadening materials from Elemental Designs to the whole exposed interior. I pulled the stock BOSE sound system and added a new sound system consisting of:
Alpine CDA-9855
Alpine KCE-422i high speed i-Pod cable to glove compartment
Acura factory faceplate new with included pocket door below
eDi 6000s v.2 component speaker set in the factory locations
eD nine.4 amp on the back of the passenger side rear seat
eD 11Ov.3 subwoofer in a sealed 0.5 cf mdf box made by eD
Sirius SC-C1 satellite radio tuner with Alpine KCA-SC100
16 ga. twisted pair speaker wire to comps, and 12 ga. to sub
Kicker 05PKD1 amp wiring kit; 0/1 ga from the battery (overkill, I know) for future system upgrade-ability and/or a potential second amp added later.

I have several pics from this install if anyone is interested in more details. I just never got around to posting them. Sound system stays with the car except for maybe the subwoofer, sub-box, and the satellite tuner; all negotiable. System works great except only for the Sirius radio. It gets "Acquiring signal" much more than an actual signal. I have some ideas on how to get it working well again. I also kept all of the factory BOSE parts if you want them.

This car has never been to the track, and never been raced. I'm 38 years old, and my wife thinks I drive too slow except on the occasional interstate on-ramp. SO, the car has been babied. It has been my daily commuter to work (mostly highway miles) for the last 3 1/2 years or so. I have run nothing but Shell or Chevron premium top-tier detergent gasolines, and had the oil changed regularly with Mobil1 Synthetic.

The car does have some small rock chips in the front since it has been a commuter car, but nothing bad. I think they are typical for a 3 to 4 year old car. Overall, it is in very good condition and I try to keep it very clean. There have also been 2 rock chips in the front windshield over the last couple of years, but I had them repaired by NOVUS since my $500 insurance deductable would not cover the cost of a new windshield. Anybody who has had glass chip repair knows you can still see them if you look hard for them, but when you are driving, they go away because you are looking ahead, beyond the windshield.

You should also know that the car has had only one accident a couple of winters ago; very low speed, rear-ended at a stop light. The only exterior visual sign of damage was a couple of small paint chips in the plastic rear bumper. All of the panels still lined up like the should. The mounts took the impact like they were supposed to. The lady's insurance company paid for a body shop to check out the bumper and frame, replace the bumper, mounts, and re-paint. To this day, the car handles great, paint looks great, and I can't tell the difference.

I am selling my baby for financial reasons. PM me if you are interested in meeting me to take a look at the car. I'll check back here often until it is sold. No joy rides.

Here are 5 teaser pics that I could attach now. I'm not sure how to add any more here, but I can always e-mail them to anyone interested. These pics are about a year old. I don't have any brand new pics right now and my wife has the digital camera at school with her down in Seattle. I'll take some brand new ones soon when I get the camera and post them if needed.


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