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Name: Joshua
Contact: 828.502.9045
Price: $600

Have some type s wheels that are taking up space in my living room. Comes with oem center caps.
Wrapped in 225/45-17 Goodyear Eagle GT with even wear. Probably about 30-40% tread, but have 18k miles on them so they will last a while longer.
Light curb rash on 2 out of 4, maybe 6-7 inches long on each of the 2. Few nicks here and there on all, but nothing terrible, overall in great shape.
Only getting rid of them because I'm too lazy to swap out for winter wheels since I'm running rotas, I just said eff it. :pimp:

Pictures in my showoff, or text/pm me and we can work something out for you to come look at them personally.

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