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2002 Acura RSX Type S – 129,500 Miles – Original Owner - Clean Title
JH4DC53082C0XXXXX - will provide for serious inquiries

For sale is one of the best sounding Acura RSX-S's that you will ever find! I don't have the space or extra money to fix and pay for a parking spot so someone is getting lucky...

1st Model year RSX-S, daily driven for years until I had to upgrade to a 4 door. I worked 45 minutes away from home for the first several years, so at least half of the miles are highway. I also drove it across the country once (2500 miles - 33MPG ave. with a packed car)


This ride has been well taken care of mechanically, with consistent oil changes with Mobil1 oil & filters since 3,500 miles. The engine runs GREAT, no check engine lights on. Basic bolt on mods only.

The Good:
  • Original Owner - It was my baby and I took care of it.
  • Sounds ridiculously awesome - no cheap import sound.
  • 2 new O2 Sensors replaced in the last few years, including the hard to replace one under the exhaust manifold.
  • Defective original Transmission replaced in 2005 (by Acura TSB warranty). If you know about the RSX-S then you know about the gear grind problem. This RSX-S does not have the grind after the warranty work.
  • Front Brakes & Calipers replaced less than 5,000 miles ago.
  • Clutch replaced about 20,000 miles ago.
  • Low miles for an '02 - should run great for a very long time.
  • Registered in CA until the end of August 2020.
  • Smog certified in CA until the end of August 2021, although needs to be re-smogged to sell it to a CA resident
  • Clean Title - ready for a new owner
The Bad
-A lot of cosmetic wear & tear.
-Major Clear Coat peeling on Hood, Roof and spoiler. I used Teflon wax with a power buffer in the early 2000’s, and I think that is why the clear coat peeled. It was garaged for the first several years of its life.
-Minor clear coat peeling on door sills at window bottom and around the car.
-Some surface rust spots where clear coat peeled
-Back Fender has a 1" area with deterioration & rust
-Front right bumper has a scrap from a 2 mph parking incident on an icy driveway.
-Passenger window needs help to close all the way
-Broken plastic trim on door sill near clutch pedal
-Random dings and wear & tear from 18 years of use.
-Tires at about 25%
-Battery is weak

Modifications -Completed early on, all done in the first 2 years.
1) Hondata Reflash #4 - boosted torque & Horsepower. Makes it drive like a different car, especially from a dead stop!
2) DC Sports Cold Air Intake - no hydro lock issues ever
3) Fujitsubo RM-01a Exhaust - one of the best RSX-S exhausts ever made. Great power/torque gain over stock. And it SOUNDS LIKE A BEAST! Not too loud or deep like many exhausts- just makes it sound powerful.
4) Mugen Sport Suspension (pretty worn out but still drives OK, just bumpy & not track worthy)
5) Ichiban race pedals (Screw on, easily removed)
6) Momo shift knob
7) Aftermarket Stereo system - Took out terrible Bose system and put in a solid stereo 1 month after I bought it. The head unit broke but I still have aftermarket infinity speakers and a strong Alpine V12 Amplifier installed. Should just need a new head unit and check up on the wiring.

Including a 5 quart jug of Mobil1 5w-30 and a new Mobil1 M-110 filter.

The issues are minor and mostly cosmetic. If you have mechanical skills this will be an absolute steal for you. NOT PARTING OUT-

Will meet buyers at a public place like a police station for our security.


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