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Bike has 10,457 miles on it all on the track with regular oil changes. I'm getting married in two months and could really use the cash and space. It runs great and is ready to be taken straight to the track. It currently has a set of race takeoffs on it that have only seen one race and one track day by someone in the beginner group.

Vortex adjustable rear sets
Slipper Clutch
Comes with an extra radiator and radiator fan
bracket for Scotts Damper
Ohlin's Internal for the Front Suspension

It was only down once by the previous owner, hence the flat spot in the canister which has ZERO effect on performance. I patched up all of the other damage which was superficial.

For those that aren't aware of how track bikes work; this bike has no lights or horn and the radiator has a Water Wetter and water combination instead of radiator fluid. If you wanted to, it has all of the plugs needed to attach lights and signals back on the bike.

Open on the price and open to trades


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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