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Tried to price everything I can think of off my head. If something is not listed just ask i might have it.

Complete Swap SOLD

-Rear bumper $90 "ask for shipping quote"
-Rear bumper side marker lights $80 shipped
-Fender side marker light $10 shipped
-Complete 5 lug swap rear rotors are Type R $250 "ask for shipping quote"
-Wheels with tires $350 tires are good
-Passenger Quarter Panel $175 will not ship
-Tail lights $90
-Side Skirts $85 for both shipped
-Mirrors $120 Shipped
-OEM Muffler $110 Shipped
-OEM Cat Converter $350 SHipped w/
both o2 sensors
-Rear Spoiler OEM $35 shipped
-Seats $300 local
-Door $175 each local
-Moon roof $125
-Cargo cover $50
-Rear seats $75
-Carpet $90 shipped
-Door Panels $120 for both
-Fender driver side fender $75
-Roof liner $40
-Front bumper has mugen holes $90
-Oem hood $100

I tried to price everything reasonably all prices are non negotiable.


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Is there no curb rash on the wheels? Looks like there is none from the pics.

Also, how's the clear on the rear spoiler? Can't tell too well from the pics.

I might be interested in these and some other parts; I am at the NJ/NY border and could drive over to you to pick up. LMK

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hi do you have right fender bumper mount bracket and left/right headlight bracket?
if so how much for all ship to CA 94541
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