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I am expecting new baby and I really need to sell this car so I can get the bigger one. I paid $27k+ and Mini has the highest resell value. However, I want to sell this car fast so I think I am going to put much less than what KBB private party value (good condition, mine is excellent condition).

KBB ppv came out $21,865 (excellent), $20,435 (good) and $18,540 (fair). I haven't put it on or autotrader or craigslist yet.

I am looking for $19,500 OBO for mine.

It's Cooper S hatchback.
Color - Copper White (like egg shell color) with block roof.
Little less than 33,000 miles. (80 miles daily commute)
Checkmate edition - include sports package, two tone sits (dark blue leather and cloth in the middle) and dark blue panel.
6 speed automatic with paddle shifter on steer wheel.
Harman Kardon sterero
Chrome option.
Moon Roof.
Winter package (heated sits)

I will take a picture tomorrow when the rain stop.

Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

[email protected]

p.s. Car is located at Bergen County NJ
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