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FS:__________!!!!!!Built K24 with Extras!!!!!!!____________

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Alright sellin my whole setup. Runs and pulls fine with the exception that the main bearings are making some noise. You don't really hear it when the motor's cold, only when it's hot. If you drive your hear them for a bit then it goes away. I can get it redone or you can take the setup and do it yourself. The motor has 873 miles on it, barely broken in and the head was freshly rebuilt.

Prices do not include shipping.

K24A4 Block and Girdle 200
K24A4 Head (Fresh Rebuilt) 250
Wiseco Custom 12:5:1 Pistons (Not Shelf Pistons) w/ Rods 725 or 450 alone
BP H-Beam Rods 300
ARP K24 Head Bolts 120 SOLD
K24 Crank 225
Type-S Oil Pump Setup 150 SOLD
Type-S Oil Cooler Setup 50 SOLD
Type-S Water Pump 100
Type-S Throttle Body 180 SOLD
Type-S Windage Tray 20 SOLD
Type-S Fuel Rail w/ 310 Injectors 100 SOLD
Type-s Crank Sensor 30 SOLD
Coil Packs 100
K24 Rear Main Seal 5
K24 Oil Pan 50
K24 Timing Chain Tensioner 25 SOLD
K24 Timing Chain 40 SOLD
K24 Timing Chain Guides 40 SOLD
K24 Crank Gear 20
K24 Crank Pulse Plate 15
K24 Timing Cover 40 SOLD
K24 Oil Pump Chain Guides 25
K24 Crank Pulley 30
K Series Belt Auto Tensioner 50
K Series Oil Control Valve 30
K Series Crank Bolt 5 SOLD
K Series Alternator 100
K Series Starter 100 SOLD
RBC Intake Manifold w/ TB Spacer, Gasket, Hose 260 SOLD
Complete K20A3 Engine Harness 175
Complete K20A3 Lower Harness 50 SOLD

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so the pistons ARE shelf pistons... fyi valve reliefs are .235" intake & .170" exh

$450 is a bit much for used pistons since they can be bought new for less. is there any wear on the skirts? kinda looks like it from the pics
No, these are not shelf pistons, and these pistons are out of stock.

It's the K634M875 Kit, though most say the Comp ratio is 11.0 mine are 12:5:1, scroll down to where it says K24/K20 head

Just got off the phone with Wiseco and the Intake pocket is cut at 38.6mm and the Exhaust is cut at 33.5mm

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Bump!!! Need this stuff gone guys!!!!
Bumpy! Will cut a deal if you take all!!!
81 - 86 of 86 Posts
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