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Selling my rsx. If I can't get a good price I'll part it out, as the parts are worth a decent bit. This link is to my craigslist post.

I am selling my 2006 Acura RSX type-s one owner, I bought it brand new. 162,xxx miles on it. only put maybe 500 miles in the last two years. this car is road driven but ready for the track. car is gutted. here is a list of the mods. I could miss some smaller ones.

injen cai
skunk2 intake manifold
skunk 2 70mm throttle body (no cruise control)
buddy club racing headers
HKS hipower exhaust
k-pro recently tuned by shuetuning with current setup
nitto neogen ties with good tread left.
progress rear sway bar
em2 front sway bar to fit JDM headers
beaks lower tie bar
k-tuned shifter cables
k-tuned shifter box
skunk2 shift knob
hotchkis end links
Mishimoto radiator
Skunk2 lower control arms (gold)

removed sound deadening from rear.
car has some cosmetic dings, and a couple minor deer accidents, but no major crashes. Would make a great track car. Ready for a turbo.
transmission was rebuilt 40,000 miles ago
engine only has about 120,000 miles on it. had a warranty claim that resulted in a new motor at 45,000 miles. she runs hard, will not allow for test drive unless serious and prove you have the money to buy it.


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added the info from your craiglist to this thread, good luck with your sale

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If doesnt sell, im Interested that Injen cai
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