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FS: Atomic Hatchet 153cm snowboard

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2009 Atomic Hatchet 153.

Great condition, All mountain board - check the reviews, this thing is awesome. Only selling because I bought a 156.

$160 - board only, no bindings. Board has been waxed and sharpened and is ready to ride

it has a picture of an angry robot holding a bomb. what more do you want?
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bump for price drop - great board, great price!
how many times was this sharpened and waxed?
I wax/sharpen it myself - I've used the board for two seasons, and usually wax it twice a season, and sharpen once. I wax it myself because I've always been disappointed with the hack jobs that shops (esp in ontario) always do.

If you're interested in the board, i can wax it for you before giving it to you, but i am firm on the price at $160.
do you have any actual pics of the boards?
I'll try to take some pics tonight - but to be honest, you wont really be able to see much in the pictures anyway in terms of condition, etc. There are no gouges or anything like that in there, i think there's a couple small nicks on the top sheet from people running into me getting on/off the lift, etc. There's also a burton stomp pad on it, if that makes a difference.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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