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this Radar/Laser Detector is by far one of the Best i've used...alerted me wayyy ahead while traveling cross country from Denver, CO to SoCal, CA was warned of 5 Speed Traps/poss. tickets and countless "other"

great Detector, some of the features i like best, four brightness settings, really loud even if you have a few subs or high end audio set-up/exhaust, quick release to put away, etc. etc.

i've included a pic of the receipt and you can see the Date shows it was only used for 2-3 months...will include Receipt if buyer wants for the One-Year Warranty

still Mint condition

Detects All Regular Bands and Laser (X, K, Ka, Ka SuperWide)
360° Protection against all types of Laser
Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
POP Mode Detection
VG-2 Undetectable
Over 60 Digital Voice Messages
Alpha-Numeric Text Display
Bar Graph Signal Strength Indicator with 3 Modes
City Mode and Highway Mode
Interchangeable Faceplates
AutoScan Mode
Selectable Bands
Earphone Jack
Auto and Manual Muting
Auto Memory Retention
Fully Adjustable Audio Levels
One Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Beltronics Vector 965 delivers true performance. The Beltronics Vector is one of just a few models that detect the new "POP" radar. It also offers Bel's new Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to minimize false alarms. In addition, the Bel 965 also includes an alpha numeric display and voice alerts.

Other features include 3 levels of City mode, allowing you to adjust your tolerance for false alerts. These Beltronics Radar Detectors also includes an additional 3 faceplates to allow you to change the look of the detector. A soft travel case is also included to protect the unit when you take it out of your vehicle.


link for additional pics/info:

looking to get at least $200/shipped for it...will consider trades

PM or eMail @: [email protected] anytime w/questions, concerns, etc. etc.
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