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Here are a few of my Stock Parts that are for Sale. Please Local Pic of Only. Im Located in Los Angeles. the 818 SFV Area. If you have any other Questions Dont hesitate to ask so feel Free. Im still thinking about shipping but as of right now No not yet. Sorry. If you would like to see Some more pictures Up close. text me (818) 400-2915 or Send me your Email. Ill send u some Text photos.

Mobil-1 Synthetic Engine Oil 5w-30 ----------------------------------- 6.00 Per Bottle QT

Honda/Acura Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF --------------------- 5.00 Per Bottel QT

Stock Used 05-06 Tail Lights. Good Cond No Cracks No Leaks -- 150.00 SOLD

Rear engine Mount x2 Used Good Condition ------------------------- 40.00

Drivers Side Transmission Mount Used Good Condition ------------ 40.00 SOLD

Passengers Side Engine Mount Used Good Condition -------------- 40.00 SOLD

Stock 02-04 Rims and Tires Great Condition Tires have
3,000 Miles on them Factory Michellin Tires ------------------------- 400.00

Rsx Type-S throttle Cable Used ----------------------------------------- 20.00

Rsx Cruise Control Assembly Modual Motor with Cable ------------ 20.00

Orange/Red 16in 4x100 Used Spunz Weels With Tires
Recomend to Flip Tires good Condition ------------------------------- 400.00

Carbon Fiber Universal Under Spoiler Wing Lits Used -------------- 40.00 SOLD

02-04 Base RSX Guages Miles if i Recall 55xxx some where
around there, I cant really remember -------------------------------- 100.00 SOLD

Honda/Acura MTF (Manual Transmision Fluid) I have 7 QTS.
Thats 7 Bottles ------------------------------------------------------------- 5.00 Per Bottle

02-04 Used Type-S Rear Lower Control Arms ------------------------- 40.00

02-06 Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Engine Cover. and Yes the
Turbo Badge Does come off ----------------------------------------------- 50.00

Stock Black 02-04 Steering
Wheel Used W/airbag and Cable Reel Gret Condition ------------ 120.00 SOLD

Stock 05-06 Factory Red RSX Type-S
Side Skirts Used Good Condition -------------------------------------- 120.00 SOLD

Stock 02-04 Fly wheel less than 5k Miles
on it Used good condition ----------------------------------------------- 100.00

Stock 02-04 Rsx Type-S radio Used W/Radio Code ----------------- 40.00 SOLD

Stock 02-04 Rsx Type-S Factory Cat Back Exhaust Used ---------- 100.00 SOLD

Stock 02-04 Rsx Type-S Used Artic Blue Rear Spoiler --------------- 40.00

Stock 02-04 Bose SubWoofer Used ------------------------------------ 40.00 SOLD

Stock 02-04 K20A2 Type-S Cams. Less Than 5k Miles on them
great Condition. Used Lobes are Good Clean ------------------------ 120.00

Stock 02-04 Rsx Type-S (2)rear Lower Sway bars Used -------- 30.00 each SOLD

Stock 02-04 Rsx Type-S Stock Upper Tower Bar Used -------------- 30.00

Stock 02-04 Rsx Type-S Center Console Assembly W/Shifter
and Boot great Condition Used ------------------------------------------ 100.00

Stock 02-04 Headers (2) W/Heat Shield Used Good Condition
No Stress Cracks. Lost Both O-Rings ------------------------------- 80.00 each (1of2) SOLD (1)

Stock 02-04 Rsx Type-S Engine Air Filter Barely Used. Like New ---- 5.00

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