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Are you selling this? And it requires a login and password.

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Fs Dpms Lr-308 Ap4

Like title says its an ar-10 variant made by DPMS panther arms lr-308 ap4 as much as I really hate to see this go , I'm in need of the money, it's had about ~220 rounds through it all winchester fmj 155 grain, very well maintained, and comes with

~ NcSTAR 3x-9x Power optics and rail raiser
~ Cheapo bi-pod bought from gun show that clips onto bayonet lug
~ 2 mags
~ 2 case original hard case and a cloth one I bought from bullseye
~ 85 rounds of winchester 155 grain fmj
~ Rear adjustable iron sight

asking $1200 firm FTF

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