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Got a couple of extra things laying around i thought I'd sell. Will update if I find anything else or when anything on the list is sold.

All photos can be viewed at this link:

PLM Race Header - 200
Slip joints are welded and upper portion is heat wrapped.

Greddy EVO II - 150
Scrapped from the bottom from being low. steel plate was welded on at lowest point to act as skid plate.

Driver Heated Mirror - 20
different plug than non heated version, mirror is good, paint is alright.

Door Handle - 20
Driver, Magnesium Metallic, good condition.

Driver Door Latch Actuator Assembly - 30
Actuator needs to replaced but the rest is fully functional.

02 E Brake - 15
threaded rod broke but the rest is fully functional

Located between Ventura and Los Angeles in Simi Valley.
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