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Like the title says I have TWO (2) of these COMPLETE units for sale. These units were used IN CAR ONLY so there's no damage. The purpose is to communicate easily between 2 people with helmets on, whether you are in car or on a bike.

You will even get BRAND NEW NEVER USED, FULL FACE STEREO HEADSET and STUDENT RACING HEADSET, valued at $35 and $30 USD respectively (less shipping and handling!)

This tool is ideal for people riding, so you can talk loud and clear to the driver and vice versa. This tool is also ideal for the track people (which was our purpose), to talk between driver and passenger easily, allows for easy exchange of feedback on the track.

Price: $100 obo EACH COMPLETE SET! (You only need 1 set to talk between 2 people in the car/bike)
NEW: 75 + 30 + 35 = $140 USD + shipping + duties

Remember you're getting brand new headsets, headsets are not used and disgusting. The only thing used is the unit itself (Probably used like 6 track days).

PM or email me @ somboa [at]
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