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FS- Hybrid racing fuel rail

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I have for sale a hybrid racing fuel rail.

Asking $140 paypal'd and shipped with fuel lines and fittings.

Used for about a year and a half. Works perfect. Just upgrading to a different fuel setup.

Comes with:

(1) end cap rail fitting
(1) -8an rail fitting for feed line. (Currently in the bottom center)
(1) -6an rail fitting for return line
(1) -6an 45* fitting (push lock)
(3') -6an push lock hose (to fpr fitting)
(1) -6an straight push lock fitting

Does NOT include fuel pressure regulator.

Will not separate fuel fittings but will sell rail only if thats all that's wanted.
$125 paypal'd and shipped (lower 48 states) blah blah.

You can hardly see (night time when I get off) that there's ~3feet for line with the fittings.

Text, call, email or pm for any additional info and PayPal address.


[email protected]
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Bump. Someone buy this rail
1 - 6 of 8 Posts
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