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Finally putting up my JRSC Race Kit off my EP3. This is a complete package kit; comes with every bits and bolts and please note that from this kit nothing will be sold separately and will only be sold as a complete package.

Approx 20000Km on the JRSC, proper working condition. Running on 4inch pulley.
Selling for 2000CAD and its the last price. The JRSC is packed and ready for shipping for Potential buyers, buyer pays Shipping and PayPal Fees

Comes with:
SC Belt
JRSC Manual Tensioner
440CC Injectors
Injector Clips
Fuel Rail with Extra fuel line
Boost Gauge
A/F Gauge
EP3 Gauge Pillar mount
MAF sensor Relocator
Intake Manifold Gasket
Hose for PCV
All bolts...


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Just curious. What kind of power were you putting down with this set up?
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