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this is everything I have for sale. if you want the motor or trans shipped you're going to have to pay for it. The tires I won't ship. the other items are priced will be up tomorrow. just wanna get rid of this stuff it's taking up space.

k20a3 longblock - 90k miles runs perfect, dynoed 181whp and 141tq with bolt ons and reflash. doesn't have a throttle body or idler pulley. Has exedy type s stage 1 clutch/pressure plate... $450 picked up

ep3 5 speed tranny - 90k miles works fine, third gear used to grind once in a while like all k series trans... $650 picked up

2 type s oem clutch/pressure plate - 10k miles on each... $110 each



type s oem flywheel - 10k miles... $100

ep3 stock shifter assembly... $60

oem k20 air conditioner - basically brand new... $150

ep3 RSR axle back - has 10k on it, sounds great. has a dent from bottoming out on the bottom but its minor and doesn't affect the flow or sound at all. really rare... $200

4 fuzion hri tires - Used them for one winter. Tons of tread left. 205, 55, 16... $150 picked up

type s header...50$

pm offers, post up questions :bow:
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