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I was cleaning up a little bit today and generated a pile of stuff I have no real use for. I'll give you guys a chance to buy it before I post it on a gunboard. If you need any other pictures or have questions, feel free to ask.

1. Brownells 1911 barrel wrench. Self explanatory. $5 dollars shipped.

2. USPc .40 12 rd factory magazines. SOLD

3. P226 plastic paddle holster. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. $8 dollars shipped.

4. USPc 9/40 right side holster, 3 slot by desantis. Great holster, and you don't even need a good belt for it to work effectively. $40 dollars shipped.

5. Wilson Combat 47D magazines for the 1911 platform. SOLD

6. Novak 1911 magazines. SOLD

7. Glock 27 magazine. GONE
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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