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:vtec:Well this is what I got out for now. Car is pretty much stripped.
Still got more exterior and Interior parts not pictured yet,
But will have them soon. Shoot me offers on what you guys need,
and we can go from there.Everything must go no need. PM Text or Email me I will get back to you asap. [email protected] 724-466-1297

Bottom Side Kick Panels

Bottom Door Plastic

Cruise Control, Mirror Adj., Fog Cover Inserts, Dash Vent Cap

Center Console 1

Center Console 2

Center Console Mat

Combination Switch

Dash Side Covers

Drivers Door arm and cover

Drivers Side Console

Driver Door Switch

E-Brake Console 1

E-Brake Console 2

Front Pillars

Gauge Cluster and Cover

Glove Box

Red Hazzard Button

H-Vac controls

Interior Locking Fuse Cover

Kick Panel

Mid Seat Belt Pillars

Multi-Function Fuse Box

Multi -Function Fuse Box Rear

Stock Radio Trim and Console

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Rear Seat Belt Cover Plastics

Rear Seat Belts

Rear Seat Belt Buckles

Rear Speaker Covers

Rear Speakers

Trunk Interior Light

Rear View Mirror

Shifter Boot

Shift-Rod and Cage

Steering Stem

Steering Wheel and Air bag

Trunk Carpet
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