Fitment for 2005–2006 front ends.
Would you like to replace your worn-out OE front end and lip combo?
Are your mounting tabs damaged?
Is your bumper hanging on by a thread every time you ascend a hill or leave a driveway?
Then, this is a fantastic update for the street to show!!
Greater air flow and downforce are made possible by the styling , which is strong yet understated.
These may eventually be canceled once more in the United States as they are getting more difficult to find.
It is becoming increasingly rare for a local find. If it doesn’t sell with the next month I’ll be removing the post! Just wanted to give locals the opportunity.

Purchased in 2016 from Matt at ICB Motorsports, the bumper is in used condition and needs repairs and repaint. Structurally sound and solid nothing a professional body shop couldn't fix. ArtofAttack and ICB currently sell these with a 4 month waiting time.