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FS: Momo Tuner 350mm NSX Horn button and hub

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Got a new wheel set up on the NSX, therefore my old set up is for sale. Steering wheel was bought brand new about 1.5 months ago. I rarely drive the NSX, so the steering wheel looks brand new still. Comes with a brand new in package NSX Type R horn button. I also have my old Momo hub as well from my previous car.

Momo Tuner 350mm - $220
NSX Type R horn button brand new - $300
Momo hub - $50

Take it all for $550

I will post pics tonight, but if you would like to see pics before they are up, you can email me at [email protected]
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Any pics yet?
I could be wrong but on another forum he said its sold
nice! just let me know when you sell the Momo hub for me!
hubs in the garage bro

yes wheel and horn is sold.
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