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Fs : Nike Sb | Supra | Puma |

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- Money Order (recommended)
- Meet ups (Broward County)
- Concealed Cash (at your own risk)
- On rare occasions, Paypal. (you pay fees)

- All trades must have OG box
- DS-VNDS only
- I do not ship first under and circumstances
- Size 9.5 - 10 only
- Jordans, Supra Skytops, SB Dunks, and Blazers only
- PM me with tagged pictures if you send me a trade offer
- Will add money if needed
- No Gold/Black Boxes for Dunks (Unless its supreme blazers)

- Shipped via USPS (w/ tracking number, add for insurance)
- I am a student and work when I'm not in school so it may take up to 3 days for me to ship but on rare occasions this will happen
- $7 (we split shipping!)

Onto the shoes

Ill hook you up if you buy more than 1.

1. Money Cat Low ------------- 9.5 ------------ $125 shipped
2. Money Cat High ------------ 9.5 ------------ SOLD
3. Takashi II --------------------- 9.5 ------------ $95 shipped
4. Supreme Blazer ------------ 9.5 ------------ SOLD
5. Dinosaur Jr ------------------ 9.5 ------------ SOLD
6. White Supra Skytop ------- 9.5 ------------ $100 shipped
7. Airmax 1 Olympic ---------- 9.5 ------------ KEPT
8. Puma Tatau ----------------- 9.5 ------------ $60 shipped
9. Old Spice ---------------------10 ------------ $100 shipped
10. Pee Wee Herman ------- 10 ------------- $130 shipped
11. Hawaii --------------------- 10.5 ----------- $180 shipped
12. Money Cat Mid ---------- 10.5 ------------$125 shipped


yo0o0 do u stil got the hawians and dino jr ill give u 350 4 both
125 + shipping via money ordered on money cat lows
110 on the Pee Wees
Money Cat Low 9.5
-OG Box
-Purchased at FCNY

Front View

Money Cat High 9.5
-OG Box/Laces
-Purchased at FCNY

Front View

Takashi II
-OG Box/Laces

Front View

Supreme Blazer
-OG Box, OG Red/White Laces.
-B Grade

Front View
Other Side

Dinosaur JR
-Original Box/Laces
-Purchased at FCNY

Only picture I have at the moment. Ill try to get more ASAP

Supra Skytop
-Original Laces
-A little bit of yellowing on the sole (not noticeable when worn but noticeable when you have it in front of your face)

Front View

Airmax 1 Olympic
-OG Box

Front View

Puma Tatau
-OG Box

Front View

Old Spice
-OG Box/Laces

Front View

Pee Wee Herman
-OG Box.
-OG White Laces, Flat Red Laces, Fully Laced fire red laces 48"

Front View
Extra Laces
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haha you just bought some off me haha.

sick shoes yo. if it was still a sneaker head. i would bought most of those! glad im not! gl on your sales bro
haha you just bought some off me haha.

sick shoes yo. if it was still a sneaker head. i would bought most of those! glad im not! gl on your sales bro
lol yep :)
only if you were a sz smaller :/
make that 3.5 sizes smaller :eek:

i'm so tempted to get those takashi 2s lol :(
muuuuuuust resistttt. i'm in need of a new pc first :( i'll let you know how things go :eek:
hey peter. just let me know if you dont get anymore offers on those peewees. if you're still willing to sell it for the price for the shoes shipped that you told me before, just feel free to PM me
High cats, and Dino Jr's sold to me :)
Buy this shit doooooooooddd
bump for good seller... i might jump on something lol...
Everything sold besides Supras, Hawaiis and, Pumas
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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