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Well times are tough and i need funding for the k20/k24 project soooooooooo......leaves me no choice but to start selling kicks lol. Below i have some iphone picks of the shoes, if you want better quality pics or a specific shot of the shoe just pm me and i shall provide you with one.........dont try and lowball, im flexible but to a certain point. If prices are high feel free to offer. Willing to take parts for k20/k24.

text me at 305-213-7175

1) jordan spizikes black red and green size 13 $250

2) air max 90 warhawks pretty rare $180

3) nike sb paul rodriguez jordan inspired size 11 $160

4) air force dontrelle willis edition size 11-11.5 $180

thoes are the only 4 i have pics of right now but i also have

1) nike sb pee wee herman dunks size 13
2) nike sb dunk old spice size 14
3) nike sb mid money cats size 13
4) nike sb mork & mindy size 12
5) nike air force malone size 13
6) nike sb brian anderson size 13

Fix your faCe...
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Wtf... these are some big ass sizes, but bump for you !
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