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02 Rsx Base converted to manual k24a2
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Hey Fellow EP'ers,

Here I've got a part out list that I'd like to get moving. If there is something that you like, kindly send me a pm for quickest response. Would prefer locals but welcome to out of town deals. I've got great feedback :)

Jdm rear view "blind spot" mirror -- $20 shipped

Rsx stuff-

Front/Rear wiper motors--$40 each or best offer

2 Door sills--$30 for both
Driver's Kick panel--$25
Passenger's kick panel--$25
Rear outlet plug/cover--$20
Owners Manual/Black leather pouch--$40
Srs obds unit/plugs--$35

Thank you and God bless :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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