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FS: racing hart type c-2 (3peice) 5x114.3 and 4x114.3

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700.00 OBO

17X7.5 +40 offset

5x114.3 and 4x114.3

they are not in perfect condition but still a good looking set of wheels for being 10 years old. they have curbrash and a slight bend on lip hardly noticeable. only have 3 centercaps. i was not able to source a 4th one. keep in mind that these wheels are pretty rare and thats why i haven't been successful at finding the 4th one...well that and b/c ive been lazy as hell. haha

they will come with nexen tires with tons of treadlife left. 225/45/17

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vouch! cool guy to deal with!

thanks yo. someone has got to want real 3-piece wheels!
I think my friend with a DSM (eclipse, not the color) would be extremely interested. I'll ask him tonight.
back up top!

back up for sale!
Dang I want these bad boys.
i want his rpf1's, bump for a cool *****
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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