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Looking to move on, slowly returning the car back to stock. I will post the items for sale as they come off the car. If you want more detailed pictures, just ask via PM. Would prefer local sales only for the bigger items. All items located in Markham/Scarborough.

*I'm currently looking for a 02-04 Aspec front lip in NHBP and passenger fender liner*

1) New Ings Rep 02-04 Front Bumper Unpainted (Removable Grills Installed) - $170

2) New Ings Rep 02-04 Rear Bumper Unpainted - $150

3) New Blue Recaro Style Material Door Panel Inserts x2 -$30
New Blue Recaro Style Material Door Pocket Inserts x2 -$10
New Blue Recaro Style Material Privacy Lid Insert x1 -$30
($60 For All)

4) 2.5" Test Pipe For Type S w/ Straight Defouler -$60

5) Ingalls Rear Camber Kit - $100

6) Metra Double Din Kit - $25

7) Bumper Clips - 5 for $10

8) BNIB Mugen Rep Rear Mid Strut Bar w/ Authentic Sticker - $80

9) BNIB Aerocatch Hood Pins (Top Mounting Plus Flush) - $90

10) BNIB LEDglow 4pc Red Interior Light Kit - $25


-Brand New OEM Honda Rear Wiper Delete Plug (10/10/12)
-Seibon CF Mugen Hood (11/10/12)
-Brand New Angled Defouler (11/10/12)
-Redouts Signal x 1 set (15/11/12)
-Redouts Reverse x 1 set (15/11/12)
-Bumper Clips x 10 (9/12/12)
-Bumper Clips x 5 (31/1/13)
-Projector Headlights (31/1/13)
-Reverse Redouts (31/1/13)

****Pics of car taken on August 25, 2012****


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Those fogs are mine ill buy them
An are these depo Jdm style headlights what kind of shape
Not talking about the halo
Also rear strut bar is that for the trunk thanks interested in all those parts
Fogs I need ASAP mine are hurting at moment

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dibs on this:
02-04 JDM style headlights w/ protective film installed at FX auto (Used for 2 months)
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