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I have a Tippmann A5 sniper package with a bunch of extra's. I bought all this up last summer when my friends said we were going to start playing everyother weekend. Guess what.. I have never used it:firemad:

Im getting old and dont plan to use it either.

I bought the gun itself used for 220 on ebay.
I added an E-grip, Spec ops air through stock, SPec ops fore grip, tasco red dot sight, lapco side mount for the sight, Ricochet hopper, J and J ceramic barrell, red hot power tube and remote bottle line.

Kit comes with all that and 2 new 20 oz co2 tanks and new mask ( no need to clean out any sweat) lol

Im going to include at least 1200 paintballs too.. All you will need to shoot this gun is some Co2

Trigger is programmable to shoot up to 23 balls per second:noes:

I have around 600 invested in all of this. Im only asking 330.00 shipped... I will accept trades also for either pistons or rods for a k24

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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