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I live in Bakersfield but I'm willing to meet half way if interested. I know nobody wants titanium interior but for those who's interior needs a face lift. Most of these items are in great condition. Correction were... :(

Will post pics by the end of this weekend

Front seats-
-Condition 8/10, Passenger in excellent condition, Driver seat sold to alex03
Rear Seats-100 obo
-10/10 never really sat on excellent condition
Door Panels-80 obo
-No actuator
-Door handles included
-8/10 good condition
Center Console-60 obo
-Good shape just one tab is broke on upper left hand side
Carpet -100 obo
-Good condition minus a small tear by driver foot side
Hatch Carpet-100 obo
-Excellent condition
Rear panel and Rear A pillar- 80 obo
-9/10 Good Condition
E-Brake-40 obo
-9/10 Good Condition
Doorsills- 40 obo
-9/10 Good Condition
Steering wheel with airbag-140 firm
-Steering wheel 4/10
-Air bag 10/10
Fronts Seat Belts-100 obo
-7/10 just a little dirty on the belt itself (driver) 8/10 (passenger)
Rear Seat Belts w/ Buckles -100 obo
-9/10 great condition
Hatch Panels-80 obo
-8/10 Good Condition

All Four Acura TL Wheels 04’ – 250 obo
-No Bends
- Curb Rash
-No tires
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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