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FS: Tl Projectors, NHB bumper w/fogs ,2x Headlights etc

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Selling a few stuff on Ebay heres are the links:

TL Projectors with ZKW Lens: SOLD!

Mint OEM 02-04 Headlights: SOLD!

02-04 NHB Bumper with Fogs:SOLD!

02-04 Chrome Halo Projector Headlights w/ free HID Kit: RELISTED at $1 NR!!!

02-04 Headlight Brackets: SOLD

More Stuff to come!!! I'll just post em up later on
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Damn i thought you sold those projectors already.
I did but for some reason the person i sold it to thought it came with a hid kit (ballast,bulbs,adapters,and harness) :dontknow: So he returned it and i refunded him. I would have sent you a second chance offer but by that time i noticed you already bought projectors
TL w/ ZKW Lens Projectors

Close up projector pics as requsted

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Bump Just one more thing to go
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