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FS. Type S Engine Harness with Charge Harness

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Got Full Set up PRB TYPE S Engine Harness and Charge Harness!!
All complete.
Came out Wrecked car which had back damage.. so nothing wrong with motor.
just parting it out.
i already got custom harness!!

Askin 250.
For both OBO!!!


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I'm looking for just the engine wiring harness for an 02 type S, what year is yours and would you consider shipping to 63368?


02-04 type s
and ya ill ship..

Engine HArness Sold!!!

Charge harness still here!!!
I sent payment 1 week ago today and still no confirmation of shipping?
Engine HArness Sold!!!

Charge harness still here!!!

Still waiting on this part even though you said you shipped it on 9-23. No confirmation number for shipping provided either.

What's going on, man?
Man, if you don't respond soon, I'm going to have to log a complaint through paypal.
pm' sent!
also its been out!!

but check ur message.. lmk bro

i shipped out a ecu and the harness
I saw the PM, but I can't respond because your box is full. If you don't have a tracking number can you tell me the receipt info? Sometimes USPS can track using the branch info and time, etc.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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