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FS:Urban Green EG Hatchback + K20R motor + Tons of JDM Goodies *235WHP*

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Decided to sell her, because she just chills too much in the garage and takes up too much room. Still live with the 'rents and i feel its a burden. Let me know what you guys think.

Location: Fairfax, Va

Car: 1993 Civic DX 16x,000 miles on the chassis. Clean Title. Has Emission's until 2009 and Safety Inspection until 2008.


Car runs like a champ, no leaks everything in good working order. Others can vouch for how clean and well put together my car is.


- BMW Z4 Urban Green Color Interior(door Jams, Interior metal EVERYWHERE!) and Outside all Painted Including Engine bay. $4000 Paintjob

- Real Spoon Duckbill

- JDM Headlights and Stanley Corners * Wired at second click to turn on JDM Parking Lights*

- Vision Replica Mirrors - Painted to match Paint Job.

- Hondata & JDM Honda Parts OG front license plate frame

- OEM Integra LS Wheels With OEM Honda SI Center Caps with AVS ES 100’s 195/50/15


Can Also include all interior parts, Headliner, Black trunk liner, side liner where rear speakers are, and trunk lid!

- Clifford Matrix Alarm System Installed Along With Remote Start. Also Comes with a Hood Sensor, and Proximity sensor for no door Dings.

- JDM EG Cluster

- JDM EG Amber Climate Control Area

- JDM Defrost Amber Button

- JDM Coin Pocket Tray – Perfect for Garage Door Opener

- USDM ITR *Clean* ITR Black & Red Stitched Seats.

- Clean OEM Dash

- Custom Reupholstered in suade for Door Panels to match ITR red & black Stitched seats.

- Momo Hub

- Momo Race Red Stitched Steering wheel, Hard to find

- JDM Integra ITR red stitched Shift boot

- Spoon OG Black Shift Knob

- NEW JDM Audio Console

- JDM Radio Block Plate

- Prelude 97-98 Amber Headunit with Code

- OEM Bought New Floor Mats

- Clean OEM Black Carpet


- OMNI-Coilovers Street Edition *feel great on the road, and handles like a dream*

- Megan Racing Royal Blue Control Arms


- GSR Brakes all around.


- JDM K20a Motor With 20k miles on it. Fresh Motor. Tuned Has Put Down 235whp and 161tq. 238whp and 164tq if you want to look at STD numbers.

Tuned by InlinePro

Car can Run 11s in its form right now!

Assembled with OEM Heater core still working. Good For the Winter.

- OEM new 96-98 DX Throttle Cable *Sits Pretty in engine bay*

- Karcepts Shifter Kit Installed and working like a Charm for that OEM look.

- R-Crew Conversion Harness. All wires needed were Soldered to cause no problems. Made for the HASport San switch and Dash Sensor switch.

- HAsport Motor Mounts

- EP3 Idler Pulley With Corresponding Belt.

- Motor and headlight harness’s were Wire Tucked. All wiretucking has been soldered.

- JDM Spoon Oil Cap

- Engine Bay was Smoothed and welded shut on some Chosen Holes to Give that clean look.

- Golden Eagle 1st Edition Black Prettier Fuel Rail LOL

- Aeromotive 1000-6 Fuel Pressure Regulator + Karcepts Bracket *For Clean Look*

- Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Guage Black Face

- Expensive Aeroquip Startlite Fuel Pressure Hoses.

- Expensive Aeroquip Fuel Line Hose Ends 180degree and a couple of straight fittings.

- Earls Fuel Line Anodized Blue Holders For Clean Look

- SSR/ DTR-Fab 4-2-1 Header *Broken In to give that Beautiful Bronze Look*

- Custom 3inch exhaust system with resonator + Burns Stainless Custom *EXPENSIVE* Turn Down Muffler, To my spec.

- Hondata Kpro ECU

- RBC Manifold With Karcepts Adapter.

- Custom Intake Arm – Includes Velocity Stack and Intake Filter

- Koyo Radiator With Karcepts Radiator Support Bracket + Slim Fan

- Radiator Supports Welded And sprayed Black OEM LIKE

- JDM Spoon Radiator Cap

- Karcepts - Custom Reservoir Bracket.

- JDM ITR Brake Booster and Master Cylinder

- Spoon Blue Sock Covers

- Russell SS -4 Clutch Line

Pics Of the Car:

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Faults: Front bumper has rock chips and a crack. Needs a repaint.

Looking for 16,500 OBO. Some Ballin' Wheels and you can get into a Magazine for sure!


Easily 20k+ invested into this car.
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im asuming no ac?
Hehe. Nope. Just a heater core.
free bump for a sick ride.... some volks on this car and it'll be bitchin as fuck
that color looks like shit
nice hatch but almost $17k is a'll be lucky to get $10k
that color looks like shit
Baby Shit. :)
nice hatch but almost $17k is a'll be lucky to get $10k
To each their own.
bad-ass ride!
Do you still have the interior body panels and the back seat?
Back seats a negative, because it the stocker wouldnt look good with the ITR seats. hehe.

But interior yes. I still got all that chillin'. Just not in the car.
good luck wit the sale dude, looks faster and a deff. sleeper
Thanks dude! Weekend bump for ya'll!
still here? someone jump on this!! GL on the sale...
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