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I'm posting (and vouching) this on behalf of a buddy who doesn't have a ClubRSX account. His name is Big Mike and his e-mail address is [email protected]. Please send all inquiries and questions to that e-mail address. Thanks!

I am looking to sell or possibly trade my 5x114 Volk SE37Ks. They have very low mileage Falken Azenis RT-615K 215/45/17 tires on them with about 85% tread and NO negative camber wear.

I am open to trades for certain wheels such as 17" RE30s, LE37Ks, CE28Ns, Time Attacks, 17" Work RSZ-Rs, 16" Spoons, Weds TC105Ns, etc.

I am asking $1800 for the wheels w/o tires, $2000 for them with the tires. These tires go for over $150/each from Discount Tire. See here:


I had the wheels redone. They were originally bronze. Any/all flaws fixed and wheels powdercoated in a "magnesium blue" finish.

They are now essentially BRAND NEW Volk SE37Ks!

Falken Azenis RT-615K 215/45/17 tires were remounted and balanced.

Comes with brand new metal valve stems.

More high resolution shots of each wheel can be seen here:

Thank you for looking and please bump this up. I'd appreciate it.
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