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I just actually got this (traded my S2000 for it), and it's not my cup of tea. I could care less about the speed, I just need something comfortable that I'll like driving. I was looking at GTI's prior to making this decision, but I opted for this because it seemed like a good deal to me. So anyways, I've got a 2004 Platinum Silver Metallic STi with 52k miles on it. It's bone stock besides the audio system that was thrown in by the previous owner, optional carbon fiber dash trim, and an HKS downpipe that the previous owner gave me. The car has never really been modified, the downpipe was on it for a couple miles then taken off because the previous owner didn't like the sound. It's got the typical DD door dings and scratches, but nothing major. All the fluids were just replaced as well. I'm looking to trade it for just about anything, I'll entertain any offers. KBB on my car is at a little over $21k, so I expect you to pay the difference in value, and vice versa.

Oh, I'm NOT looking for EP3's, SRT-4's, and AP1 S2000's...I've had em all before :D

If you want, I'll throw in the sound system I just purchased for the car, for my "special" price. It consists of the new Pioneer Nav/DVD player, AVIC-F900BT ($1100), Infinity Kappa 6.1 Perfects ($250), Infinity 12" Perfect Sub ($200), Infinity Box ($250), Infinity 5ch Amp ($300), and Infinity 4" Rears ($130)...for the low low price of...$1400 for it all!

I'm trying to gauge interest, theres nothing wrong with the car...but I probably should've stuck to my first instincts and gotten a 5 series, lol.

I'm rarely on this forum anymore so...
E-mail me at: [email protected]
I've got pictures that I can send you.

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in vehicles for sale section - 3 guys, 3 threads, 3 2004 psm sti's... hmmm

well I haven't actually came to sell mine (and it would take a lot for me too actually), but I do have a thread up looking for an ek, eg, or dc2... figured i'd post in this thread for the hell of it, bump for you..

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how about a eg

cp pistons 9.1
ib rods
new honda crank
new honda bearings
arp headstud

k20a head
supertech spring retainers
ips kt1 cams
rbc intake manifold
1000cc injectors
golden eagle fuel rail

ep3 trany
quaife lsd
stage 5 clutch

omni power drag suspension
full race traction bar
hybrid racing full size radiador
karcept adapter
hasport mounts
a1000 fuel pump
800 in fuel fittings and lines etc
rota sleepstream 4 new tires
turbo timer
boost by gear

full race turbo kit
gt 35 r
44mm wastegate
50mm blow off valve

iam sure there's more that i forgot

hp over
99 si cluster


i'am looking for a nice clean daily driver.

i'am 35 years ,it's time to move on

ps.don't worry a s2000 with a 2jz will stay being you

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my buddy has 1999 jetta lol that he wants to trade...long shot just throwing it out there
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