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testing waters on what I can get. does not mean i need to sell it or for any low baller stuff.
I have a ranger egde 2wd with fresh tires. i just put two mmats 15" subs and a 1500 amp behind the seats. brand new sony cd/mp3 player (hd radio) i phone ready. system sounds awesome ive only had it in for one night. i just got the windows tinted about a month ago. i like the truck it just has the wrong suspension set up for what i want to do with it. i planed on air bagging it but the torsion bars will make that harder.
so im seeing what i can get for a trade or sell . no ricer cars because i already have one turboed : D . no four door cars! offer anything Rsx parts anything except bolt ons
I live in cocoa beach

pic with the subs is the old box . i cut it down to fit behind seats

call or text 321-427-1429 . if i dont pick up leave a message or text

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