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full-race cages

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geoff are there any plans to offer a chromoly cage for the dc5? i would like to pick one up but it looks like so far you only make them for hatchbacks. if you do decide to make some will they be a 6 point or more? can you make the side bars removable so its easier to get in and out when not at the track? id like to make for as clean an install is can be so id perfer not cutting interior panels if it can be avoided. i know etown is going to make me get one as soon as i trap 130+ :D
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to be honest, you are the first to ask about cages for a DC5. i think we will offer one down the road, but dont plan on offering one anytime soon. Being in NJ, you may want to check out Wild Rides in Wall, NJ. They do really good work, one of the better chassis shops around. If you tell them exactly what you want, they do a hell of a job.

also neverlift does decent work, is slightly less expensive, alhough not quite as detail oriented imo. either way those are probably the best two options for NJ chassis work!
thanks for pointing me in the right have an idea what wild rides will run me
Geoff thanks for the recommendations also. I was starting to look for shops as well.

thanks for pointing me in the right have an idea what wild rides will run me
It probably ranges from what you want as far as how many points, paint, etc..
the best thing to do is to go there and talk to them, i can email you some pics of good cages in hondas, although some do require interior panel trimming..

ot: did you really get a kit from cheapturbo?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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