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Sold my car (2002 Type S) and looking to get rid of some odds and ends. Make me an offer including shipping. Everything is new and unused unless noted, most items come in original parts package. A lot of these items were ordered from Del Ray Acura parts and include their part # for reference, and the price is how much it is on their website, NOT WHAT I'M ASKING. I WILL sell cheaper.

(2) Acura Wheel emblems. (used but in extremely good condition)
Hondabond (opened, hardly used)
Shin-Etsu Silicone Grease from Honda (unopened in box)
(1) tap screw 5x16 (Honda Gen parts)
(3) tap screws (Honda Gen parts)
(2) unused bumper clips

Radiator temperature switch sense (37760-P00-004)($50.36)
O-Ring for Radiator thermostat (17.8X1.4) (91307-PN3-000)
Nut, Paint Cutting (6MM) - Acura (90301-SV7-000)
Gasket, Drain (Denso) - Acura (19012-671-300)
Ambient Air Sensor Bracket (80521-S6M-940)
Ambient Air Sensor Assembly unopened new (80525-S30-941)($36.66)
There are various nuts, bolts and screws for the air sensor (Honda Gen parts)

Again, make an offer for all or some of the parts, and the prices to the side are what they are currently selling for on Del Ray Acura, not what I am asking for them.



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