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Gauge Install Problem

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Hey everyone, im installing a boost gauge in my type s. Im encountering a problem though. After connecting the t-bar to the vacuum hose, I'm experiencing much higher rpm's at idle. Normally at idle, my rpm's would be a little less than 1,000, but with the t-bar in place I'm closer to 2,500 at idle. Also, when driving, there is no engine slow down. It actually propels forward, even uphill. For example, today I made it to the 5th floor of a parking garage, going over speedbumps and everything, without ever touching the gas pedal. Wtf! So anyway, I took the t-bar out, and placed the vacuum hose back where it was originally connected to the manifold. And now it works perfectly again. But my boost gauge is not connected as a result. Any ideas?
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you have a leak somewhere in your gauge line/fitting, therefor causeing a vacum leak
Well i thought about that too, but its brand new hosing out of the box. Could it be that it is too loose where it is being connected (pic 3)? And if so, how can it be made more secure?
lol i didnt even look at the pics but yes thats your problem. heres someones else's pic but it works perfectly for you. use this hose. the one in yellow. splice directly in the middle of it, and put your T fitting there.
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no don't use the yellow one, that's a bad source, you can use the vacc line that runs to the break booster, or use the one you were using but replace the stock vacc line with rubber vacc line on both sides of the plastic t fitting. the way you had it hooked up caused a vacc leak which will cause the problem you experienced.
Ok thanks "robry". I'm guessing a place around town like autozone or advanced auto parts will have the rubber version of the vac line?
Ok thanks "robry". I'm guessing a place around town like autozone or advanced auto parts will have the rubber version of the vac line?
take your T fitting in and show them and ask for vacc line that will fit that, get some hose clamps or you can use zip ties, doesn't matter either way it'll work
I went to advanced auto parts today . . . the problem is that there is no hose small enough for the t-fitting to fit tightly into, and also big enough to fit onto my manifold. Each end of the hose needs to be attached to two differently sized pieces.

Details on the problem . . . running about 2,000 - 2,500 rpms at idle instead of 1,000. When I downshift, the engine slows down initially, but then lurches forward. Even after I put everything back to the way it originally was before I installed the boost gauge, it is still doing it.
def sounds like a vacuum leak.

Cut the tube in half that you are using in that photo. Then attach half of the tube to the intake manifold, put the T-Fitting in between, and zip tie it down. it should be fine by then.
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