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Gave my baby a bath

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Alright well here are the steps

-Wash with simoniz soap
-Used craftsman buffer with meguiars step 1
-Buffer&nxt didnt feel like putting on by hand.
- All removed with the buffer and microfiber bonnet

1 Heres a before

2 Heres the pillar before the step 1

3 Heres the same spot after step 1, removed most swirls but i need a rotary and some poorboys to do the rest

4 Here is a sick reflection of everything after its done

5 Some pearl

6 Finished product
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ABPRSX said:
So you only used the menzerna to take out the swirls? I guess the menzerna is pretty agressive. Does the AIO take out any minor swirls?

thanks, and good work.;)
na, intensive polish isn't that agressive from what i've seen

and no, AIO doesn't really have any strong swirl removal abilities
ABPRSX said:
so what exactly does the AIO DO?
it's a paint cleaner/ sealant

most people use it to prep the surface for another sealant or wax since AIO on it's own will usually only last a month or two. they say it has swirl removal capabilities, but i really didn't notice that. still a great product that every detailer should have IMO
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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