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Acura OEM Full Nose Mask for the 02'-04' Type-S & Base models. New in Box with Acura Tag & Part Number. Nose mask shows a little dirt, but the parts package is unopened that's why I believe the nose mask was tried on but never worn. Hood guard is new with no dirt. OEM bag & instructions for mask and cover included.

$175 shipped via USPS Parcel. Listed on eBay for $200 shipped.

Officially Amused ;P
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but most people know that there are only
3 different models of a hood bra thats made for the rsx (not including the hood visor/bug deflector)
so i doubt those replica sellers put OEM on their ads & sell it for dirt cheap $30-$80
also that only the OEM bra's come with a "RSX" Stamped on it
only shitty part is that they dont sell the bra seperately, you'd have to purchase the full nose mask
just as you are selling RN.
so that statement of yours up there has no reason to be there... :eek:
your good leaving it as how it was before
because we all know your hood bra is OEM since it comes with everything else
i mean i sell the replica hood bra but i aint that dumb to put OEM on it
just the fact its DIRECT FIT & Custom made for our hoods lol
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