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Good Bye my '02, Hello '05 Front End

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Enjoy the day pics.

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looks good!
Looks awesome. Glad to see you finally got'em on. Those retros looks even better in person haha.
i personally like the 02-04 frony better. looks good though! nice job!
gotta love the 05 look
fucking nice mannnnnn thats exactly what i wanted.... 05 front, 04 rear pwp

nice lights btw
clean rep+
damn steve your car pulled a transformer wow :drool:
Looks good.

Just get some fogs to cover up those holes.
Not bad.
wow retrofits look awesome
05-06 Front > 02-04 Front
02-04 Rear > 05-06 Rear.

You know your stuff man. :thumbsup:
those rims are hot! :love:
nice now get a mugen front lip thats the only reason id want the 05+ front end. i love the valve cover btw.
1 - 20 of 82 Posts
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